Hey, I’m Anshul Bhagi.  

It is gratifying to create. I had the privilege of learning how to code in high-school and since then have enjoyed building products, sometimes for a cause, sometimes just for fun. I’ve known no pursuit more empowering, more addicting than tinkering and seeing ideas come to life. Over time, this interest has grown in magnitude as well as scope — from building products to building organizations and teams. I believe that good teams make the individual stronger and the impact greater.

I studied Computer Science at MIT (undergrad and masters) and did an MBA from Harvard. I have worked in software / product roles at Microsoft, Apple, Google, and startups, and as a management consultant at McKinsey and Company.

For the past few years I’ve been building ed-tech startup Camp K12, bringing coding to k-12 students in India. Moving forward, I’m excited to build across three fields:

  1. Ed-tech: particularly, on-demand peer to peer education
  2. AI for Education: I co-direct OpenEd.ai, a non-profit applying ML to problems in education, and have been experimenting with AI tutors.
  3. Blockchain: I’m working on Proffer, a global reputation bank and social search protocol for the blockchain. Whitepaper here.