Graduation Speech at MIT, 2011

“Smile, because it happened.” My address as the student speaker and Class President on the day of my graduation, to an audience of 12,000 students, family members, faculty, and alumni. A memory I will never forget, and a privilege I am grateful to have had.

MIT Masters Thesis

I dedicated my Masters to building tech for education, namely AppInventor, a platform now used by 6M people to build Android apps without prior coding experience. My specific focus: adding game programming capabilities to appeal to a young, k-12 student audience.

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AI Tutors: Why and How

1-on-1 tutoring is awesome but it doesn’t scale. There aren’t enough teachers available to meet demand. AI tutors can offer 1-on-1 learning experiences anytime, anywhere, at minimal ┬ácost. This talk describes why we need AI tutors and how to build them.

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Proffer Whitepaper

Technical spec detailing how the Proffer protocol for social search on the blockchain answers questions with crowd intelligence, including the mechanism by which the protocol creates and maintains a global reputation bank and filters answers by responders’ expertise.

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