A voice interface for memory and information storage, built on the Alexa platform.

What it is: Alexa Skill
Technologies and Frameworks: Javascript, DynamoDB,
AWS Lambda Functions
Teammates: @sinchanb

What if you could have just one intelligent app that stores and fetches all your personal data for you using voice alone?

AskMemory is a voice interface for memory and knowledge storage that uses unstructured natural language as input.

Today we use dedicated apps for specific data types: Evernote / Wunderlist for notes and todos, Facebook for social info, LinkedIn for professional info, browser extensions to save passwords, etc.

In a near future world where voice assistants power our homes, our cars, our day to day lives, and we grow out of the fragmented apps we currently see, touch, and feel, there arises a need for a common data store that is intelligent enough to know what it is hearing, how it should store it, and how it should retrieve / share it with its user.

AskMemory is that intelligent data store. Talk to it about your day, about people you met, places you visited, etc. and it will store your memories for you. Retrieve them later by asking questions with your voice alone.

Structuring unstructured natural language