Proffer Edu

Peer-to-Peer education on the Ethereum blockchain with frictionless payments from students to tutors.

What it is: Chatbot dApp built on Toshi
Technologies and Frameworks: Node.js for chatbot logic,
Ethereum testnet back-end
Teammates: @sinchanb

Enabling frictionless and on-demand education through wisdom of the crowds.

School teachers and tutors are not always available. Textbooks take time to search through. Google won’t have answers to your specific questions when you’re stuck on your homework or code.

Over the years, informal source of education have started to fill the gaps left by traditional sources, and students have become increasingly open to and comfortable with using them. Coursera, Udacity, Byju’s, and the many other online learning platforms / repositories of MOOCs are playing to this trend and riding these headwinds.

Take these trends — of students learning from informal teachers — to their limit and what you get is a decentralized education system, where anybody can be a teacher, offering micro-tutoring sessions in their spare time to their peers.

ProfferEdu is a one-day prototype of what a peer-to-peer Education platform can look like, built as a decentralized app (dApp) on the Ethereum blockchain as part of a Coinbase hackathon in June ’17. Proffer won the grand prize in the hackathon.

More detailed discussion on this topic can be found on my blog post here.